A Family Story

By Steve Joiner
August 19, 2017
Category: Basic Truths

Grace Inside Family Struggles


There are many different styles of family units out there today. I am sadden by the thought that so few of them would fall under the strong family category. Love should be there, no matter the issue, no matter the cause, and no matter the challenges that arise.


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Tags: Family Love Grace Friend Ruth

In HIS presence

By Greg Roth
August 16, 2017
Category: Worship

In the presence of God we find all we need. There is nothing that compares. Every longing is filled in His presence. Every chain is broken off in His presence. My heart comes alive in His presence. It is shelter from the storm, it is my comfort in pain, and it is my joy in sorrow. Whatever it is you need or are searching for, you will find it in Him. Seek the presence of God and you will find Him and be overwhelmed by His compassion and goodness.

“O LORD, You are the portion of my inheritance and my cup; You maintain my lot. Th... Continue reading

Tags: Psalms worship freedom

Advice Column Part 3

By Steve Joiner
August 12, 2017
Category: Basic Truths

Counseling God’s Way


God has blessed my life in many ways. I was brought up in a loving, Christian home. I have two God-fearing brothers who have Christian wives. I found a wonderful, beautiful, and thoughtful woman who loves Christ more than she loves me, and I am so thankful for that. We raised two boys together who have grown and married remarkably... Continue reading

Tags: Counseling Love Stain Human

Advice Column Part 2

By Steve Joiner
August 05, 2017
Category: Basic Truths


Counsel From a Judgmental Spirit


Job had it all: family, friends, land, livestock, and riches. Too many of us see worldly success as a sign of God’s pleasure—“When He’s happy with us, He blesses us.” Of course, if that’s true, then a life of struggles must mean God is not please... Continue reading

Tags: Judgmental Advice Grace Patience

The Pomodoro Technique as Worship

By Rick Bloomquist
August 01, 2017
Category: Worship

(8 Minute Read)

Last Sunday we finished our series in Ecclesiastes, and I’m really thankful for the time we spent wrestling with it. I wish we had more time in that book, but since we need to keep moving, I want to make sure to plant the lessons deeply in my mind, because I cringe at the idea of making the same mistakes Solomon did.

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Tags: Routines Discipleship Attention Work

Godly Advice Column

By Steve Joiner
July 29, 2017
Category: Basic Truths

Looking To Start A “Godly Advice” Column?


This topic has been heavy on my heart now for over a week. I take opportunities as I travel for my job to listen to several very gifted teachers via podcasts. I heard two teachings this week about giving godly counsel, and I thought I would take a couple of weeks to work through these thoughts with you as I le... Continue reading

Tags: Advice Job Wisdom

Giants in Our Midst

By Steve Joiner
July 23, 2017
Category: Basic Truths

Giants in Our Midst


In a favorite childhood story, we find a boy named Jack who traded in a cow for five magic beans. Then Jack plants the beans, and the resulting stalk brings him to his giant. This is a fairy tale, so all worked out for the best. The family found riches, and the giant fell to his crashing death. All is well—or is it really?

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Tags: Giants David God

Abounding Love

By Steve Joiner
July 16, 2017
Category: Basic Truths

Grow in Love


I remember a story that I heard when I was much younger. A family was sitting at Church; Husband, Wife and two little boys. The boys were big enough to sit in church but not old enough to understand everything, so they would ask an inquisitive question from time to time. This particular Sunday a new couple came in and sat right in front o... Continue reading

Tags: Abound Crippled Love Discern

Brush Your Teeth For Christ's Sake

By Rick Bloomquist
July 03, 2017
Category: Routines

There’s a saying that everyone wants to start a revolution but nobody wants to wash the dishes. And the point is that, as long as we’re only motivated by big exciting changes, but not willing to continually engage in the boring and detailed work that keeps a new, revolutionary way of life going, there’s really no point in leading a revolution at all.


There was a monk named Brother Lawre... Continue reading

Tags: Routines Discipleship Dental Hygiene Identity Worship


By Steve Joiner
July 01, 2017
Category: Basic Truths



According to Google, “perspective” is “the art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface to give the right impression of their height, width, depth, and position in relation to each other when viewed from a particular point.”


I can remember in school taking a piece of paper and lightly drawi... Continue reading

Tags: Hand of God Perspective Relationship

Feeling Disconnected from God

By Steve Joiner
June 24, 2017
Category: Basic Truths

Feeling Disconnected


I recently shared that a few weeks ago I began a new journey because of a job change. Because my previous job had provided a cell phone for my personal use, I’d been without a phone for a few weeks during the transition. I have finally received a cell phone from my new employer, and while I found the last few weeks to be a little... Continue reading

Tags: Job David Disconnected Alone

"Below Paradise" by Tedashii

By Greg Roth
June 22, 2017
Category: Basic Truths

In John 16:21 Jesus gives His disciples hard truths as He prepares them for the soon betrayal, arrest, and death He will face. These truths are accompanied by encouragements, but let’s take time now to sit in the sobering truth He shares.

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Tags: Tribulations

Faith Triumphs Over Facts?

By Steve Joiner
June 17, 2017
Category: Basic Truths

“Faith Triumphs Over Facts”?


I saw the phrase “Faith Triumphs Over Facts” on a church sign this week, and it caused me to think. Do I believe that phrase to be true? What do you think about the phrase? Your answer will depend on where you place your trust. Do you trust the facts, or do you trust your faith? Let’s dig into these two terms a little more... Continue reading

Tags: Faith Fact Daniel

From Old to New

By Steve Joiner
June 10, 2017
Category: Basic Truths

From Old to New, Me With You


Change—it’s inevitable.  We often resist it because we want things to remain the same. When we know what to expect and how to survive, we start to feel and enjoy some control within ourselves. Yet, through decisions, poor choices, or no choice at all, we find ourselves going through change. When we’re in unfamiliar ci... Continue reading

Tags: Change Relationship Old New


By Tim Cash
June 08, 2017
Category: Discipleship



I had a friend share with me yea... Continue reading

Tags: Pain. Suffering.

Change, then What?

By Steve Joiner
June 04, 2017
Category: Basic Truths

Change Happens… then What?


Last Thursday, I ended a chapter in my life that was just short of 20 years in the making. I quit my job for the hope of a less stressful opportunity. Change, I have seen a great deal of that even at a young age, my family lived in 7 cities during the first 14 years of my life. I have now worked at one location over the past... Continue reading

Tags: Change Anxious Trust

God, His Creation, Our Struggles and Vacation

By Steve Joiner
May 28, 2017
Category: Basic Truths

God, His Creation, Our Struggles and Vacation


I am writing this BLOG and posting a little late. My wife, and good friends of ours, went on a trip of a lifetime to the heartland of this country that God has blessed us with. We visited Salt Lake, Yellowstone, Grand Teton’s and Jackson Hole. The week was incredible and so much fun, it means so much to ha... Continue reading

Tags: Struggles God Creation
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Salt and LIght

By Steve Joiner
May 19, 2017
Category: Basic Truths

Salt and Light


Open up the Salt, let it pour out. Salt makes a difference, just sprinkle a touch on your food and the flavor will pop. I love baked potatoes but it needs a little something; cheese, butter or maybe sour cream, what if we add bacon, the true flavor comes out when you shake the salt all over it. WOW! That is so good, you want to share with others, “here have a bite, it is so good”. You want everyone to kno... Continue reading

Tags: Salt LIght

Philip Part 2, looking vertical

By Steve Joiner
May 14, 2017
Category: Basic Truths

Philip – Part 2, looking VERTICAL


We operate from one of two viewpoints: human or divine:

We can also refer to these as horizontal perspective and vertical perspective. We prefer to think, to maintain our attitudes, and conduct our lives with human opinions that influence us. We hold to those opinions tightly as they fit the direction we... Continue reading

Tags: Philip horizontal vertical gift

Philip - A Horizontal or Vertical Perspective

By Steve Joiner
May 06, 2017
Category: Basic Truths

Philip – A Horizontal or Vertical Perspective


It never seems to fail, in a classroom, a business meeting, or among friends, how is that you are always called on when you don’t have the right answer. Or sometimes you just panic, you knew the answer but why am I being chosen to answer this question, and why now! You are placed on the spot, unprepared and without the tools and the confidence to answer the question wisel... Continue reading

Tags: Philip Perspective

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